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If you like cold cuts,
fingers or

Degustation menus

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If you’re organizing a party
it has to be special and evident!

„degustation is an experiment, one tasting to test our food” Based on this we would like to pique your interest with a non-traditional catering. Just have a look at our assortment:

Our menu offer

During a party you can take an adventure among national cuisines so with the help of our many fingerfoods you can decide which one is your favorite.
Hot meals
  • Mini chicken kebab
  • Pullet balls with tomatoes and mozzarella
  • Turkey with garlic, matured in sherry
  • Roasted, stuffed green mussels in sweet crumb
  • Prawn tails rolled in bacon
  • Roasted mini steak with fig
  • Mushroom thyme sword
  • Stuffed savoy cabbage leaves with spicy rice and egg
  • Vegetarian wraps

Cold meals
  • Roche Baron bites with red grapes
  • Dalmatian ham cream with apricot cloves
  • Csevapcsicsa
  • Fresh turkey ham with melo
  • Twobites turkeybites
  • Deer ridge with blueberries
  • Vegetable Vitaminbomb


Our tapas kind salats with various kind of fresh bread. They could set up as a several dish.
  • Avocado cream with tortilla
  • Orange „tabulé”
  • Grilled onion salad
  • Bavarian potatoes with bacon
  • Artichoke with asparagus
  • Vegetable chips: beetroot, celery, carrot, zucchini
  • Crudité with dips


Tiny desserts so you can taste every flavor!
  • Piece of cottage cheese with berry sauce
  • Strawberry charlotte
  • Tiny coconut-chocolate cake with truffel sauce
  • Poppy charlotte with mulberry sauce
  • Cappuccino mousse
  • Fruit cup with grenadine
  • Almond ang pistachio pudding with chocolate sauce

Coffee break

Sweet and savory snacks.
Morning coffeebreak
  • Morning mini bun
  • Cottage cheese and greaves scones
  • Varietes of ham
  • Soft and light cheeses
  • Coffee, tea, freshly squeezed juice, drinks

Coctail sandwiches

If you like specialities our mini coctail sandwiches with meat, different kind of creams and with fresh germs are waiting for you.
  • with salami,
  • salmon,
  • egg cream,
  • cheese,
  • spiced sheep's cheese and
  • ham.
  • Salt and sweet mini cakes.

Party snacks

  • Thai spring rolls
  • Gourmet meatballs
  • Exotic Spice Samosas
  • Feta and blue cheese with green olives
  • Indian Tikka bites
  • Mini party pie